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With Hyatt's belly bigger, and Hyatt drowsy, Porter rested his head on Hyatt's tire   , each breath soothing and relaxing until they both drift off to sleep. 

Porter's Dream

~2 Weeks Earlier
    It was a Tuesday night, both of us had just finished our Boy Scout meeting, and The Fault In Our Stars was playing in theaters. Because we hadn't seen a movie as a couple yet, we decided to go watch. I had previously read, and owned the book, and was nagging at Hyatt that he should have read the book prior to this day. Hyatt sighed at a stop light and looked at his then small gut, not knowing what the future held in store for him. "Look Austin, I know, but I am not a reader, and you wanted to watch this, I'm only going because I can drive." At least that was his excuse. I could tell that he was impatient, waiting for the meeting to be done, so he could watch the movie. But I allowed this little lie, to make up for what I was planning for him soon.
    We pulled into the driveway, as the movie had been out for a while, it wasn't too crowded, actually we were the only ones there watching. We go up to the counter and I buy an unlimited refill pass for popcorn and soda. I also buy a bunch of ice cream snacks, as Hyatt loved those all too much. We sat in out seat and the previews start rolling. Meanwhile Hyatt starts devouring everything in front of him, starting at the ice cream and soda. Before the movie started he got up to refill.
    "Hey, can I buzz you in and you bring me an identical box of popcorn and soda please?" I ask the guy at the counter. I waved a $20 at him. He took it without batting an eye. "Thank you, sir." Porter sat down with his boxes and cups of popcorn and soda. He handed one of each to Hyatt, who was  nowhere near starting to show signs of slowing down. Porter soon buzzed the man in and asked for one of everything on the menu, the man said nothing and added it to my tab. Soon the food came and I was just laying it near Hyatt.
    Soon he looked full. "Need some help, hun?" I tease, holding up some pretzel to his mouth. He opened up and down it went. Porter soon started to hand food to Hyatt, plate after plate after plate, cup after cup of soda, and box after box of over buttered popcorn. As the credits started rolling Hyatt tried to stand up, but failed.
    "Here, let me help you with that." Porter said. He lifted Hyatt and his bloated gut out of the seat and to the truck, where they pulled up in the driveway. "Ready for dinner?" I ask.

Hyatt's Dream

~1 Week Earlier

    It started out like any other day, I ate Porter's buffet of seemingly endless food, showered then watched something, usually Leverage. By this point, Porter could repeat just about anything a character had said in any episode. Except, this day was, different.
    I went to button up my pants, and found that I couldn't. I just couldn't let Porter see myself like this in the new jeans he bought me less than two weeks ago! I knew he said I was no burden, but I didn't know how far his line of "guest" and "burden" were from me. I just hid it with a larger shirt. It seemed to work well enough.
    I watched more TV until lunch time, which Porter said was something special for his man. "The greatest meal any person has ever eaten!" As I sit down at the table, Porter starts loading plate after plate of food in front of me. It looked like Thanksgiving, except, for one person. And I was that one person. Soon, after 3 plates, I started to feel pressure in my stomach, and sat back, causing my now small shirt to ride up. I tried to pull it down, but no luck. He saw me.
    "Damn, you already ate so much you had to unbutton your pants? You sure are a fast eater, let me help you with that." As Porter lifted the plate of delicious, mouth watering food to my mouth, I couldn't help but open up. Porter feeding me had become almost a ritual at meals. Fried chicken, potatoes, baked and mashed, gravy, rolls slathered in butter, buttered corn on the cob, several assorted cookies, and a couple of moist, gooey brownies. Down went the fourth plate, and down went the fifth plate. I could barely stand up.
    "You know, I went out and bought you bigger pants yesterday," Porter teases me. "Oh, you little," I started, but he ran off and I couldn't, wouldn't catch up. After he sat down next to me on the couch, he pulled off my tight pants and we danced like that first night in the shower, where this all started.

Present Day

As they both wake up, they ask each other, "So, what did you dream about?"
Austin and Austin Part 5
Okay, this took a while to upload (and write) simply because I am lazy and hates browsing and surfing on a traditional computer. I am also working on a dystopian book/story thing and I needed to find inspiration for content. I think there may be one more part after this one, and will have this series conclude when school begins for our characters. And the next "victim" of Porter will venture on his series, until maybe the end of the character's Christmas break, as these series will take place in a chronological order, in the same world, so there may be cameo appearances of our other characters throughout these stories. More background will be explained in the beginning of the next series.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
The more food for Hyatt, the more of him I can love. Now, what's his progress with lunch? I made him a simple PB&J, and some Cheetos. Plus the giant glass of Coke. Hearing Hyatt belch and burp simply awed Porter. Since the gas pressure was reduced and gave more room for food.
    Porter tugs at his shorts, now falling even while sitting. Porter in truth, had always been a fat boy. Moobs and all. Over the summer he had hovered just below 200 pounds. After he weighed Hyatt, he had weighed himself, and Porter came in at 185 pounds. The same weight he was one year ago. He was nowhere near Hyatt's current weight, but Porter was sure he'd be crossing paths with him pretty soon. All those icings aren't just decorative. Each laced with loads of sugar and every roll stuffed with butter. The orange one especially.
    Almost as big as a cereal bowl, it weighed a few pounds, and contained at least that many calories. They were so fun to make, each different icing. Porter had some containers in the fridge stockpiled with them. Enough for a week and a half, at least.
    Porter checked in on Hyatt, who was focused on Nathan Ford's latest con. The Moon-walking Bear Job, or something like that. Porter had seen every last episode just about 9 or 10 times. Whenever they weren't re-watching OITNB, or a scary movie, they were watching Leverage. Hyatt was just now gulping down the last of the ice cold Coca-Cola, into his ever growing belly. Porter got up and walked to the couch, ready to give Hyatt a supreme belly rub before heading to K-Mart.
    It was incredibly hard, hehehe, that's what SHE said, and his belly was like a basketball filled with cement. Hyatt was pinned inside the house, so Porter found a measuring tape and measured around Hyatt's waist. "27"! I'll add 5 more so we don't have to go as often." exclaimed Porter. "27 INCHES?!? How the Hell?" screamed Hyatt. "Well Noah, it doesn't seem to help it if you eat everything I put in front of you," Porter joked. Hyatt fired right back. "It wouldn't hurt to eat everything if you didn't put so much in front of me! In fact, I'd think you WANT to fatten me up, to WATCH me gain weight. Am I right, Austin, am I?" Hyatt was mad with realization. Porter sighed, he knew this day would come soon, so he stood up and did the one thing he knew that would calm Hyatt down.
    He planted a huge one right one his lips, which shut Hyatt up instantly. As if Porter was a charming wizard, who, with a flick of his wrist, would make an army of 1,000 men kneel before him, just to blow him. Little did Hyatt know, there was an incident a few years ago when Porter traveled to the Renaissance Era and was blown 1,000 times, each by a knight in some Scottish king's army-

"Hold up! Hold it right here people, this is supposed to be a realistic fantasy, no time traveling, or mass blowjobs of 1,000 men, or wizards! Alright author man?" Okay, Mr. Narrator guy, whatever you say, strictly realistic. "Continue the story!"

    -After the kiss, Porter bid good-bye, and said he'd be back before long. "There are some snacks in the cupboards if you get peckish while I'm gone!" And with a slam of door, Hyatt was alone. And hungry. Now that he could get up, he relieved himself in the bathroom, and washed his hands. He went to the cupboard and opened up. His jaw dropped as just about every Hostess product out there was packed neatly into this one cupboard. He reached for a box of Twinkies. Temptation took over and he took some cupcakes. He shut the door and walked to the couch.
    Snacks in hand, he opened the first box, Twinkies, and sighed. "Yum, these are so delicious, what if I ate all of them?" These were special, chocolate creme filled Twinkies, and Hyatt dug in. After the first 9, he burped, and realized that he was thirsty. "Maybe there is some milk in the fridge." He goes up to the fridge and tries to open it, but finds a lock! "Porter must keep all of his special ingredients in there, oh hey, a cooler." This was an ordinary blue cooler, simple, medium sized, and unlocked. Hyatt lifted the lid and gasped. There were bottles and bottles of chocolate milk in there, each saying; In case you get thirsty for something other than me, Austin. Hyatt chuckled, then grabbed a couple and walked back to the couch. He downed half of the first bottle and ate the last Twinkie. His stomach felt hard and round. Now for the cupcakes.
    Porter walked back inside to someone moaning. A bloated looking Austin Hyatt was sitting on the couch, pinned under his stomach and snack boxes. "Well, I see you got hungry, babe. Maybe you're enjoying this too, embracing your belly like it was a long lost friend. But don't worry, I won't judge, I just hope these new pants will fit you for a while."
    Porter sat down next to Hyatt and opened his mouth and fed the remaing half of the cupcake into Hyatt's belly. He rubbed it for hours until Hyatt woke up hungry again for dinner. "Don't worry bae, I'm making something simple tonight, in fact, you might like it. it's a special mixture of mine that's designed to keep away the hunger!" Hyatt opened wide and Porter funneled in a gallon of melted butter, sugar, cinnamon, and cool whip. With Hyatt's belly bigger, and Hyatt drowsy, Porter rested his head on Hyatt's tire, each breath soothing and relaxing until they both drift off to sleep.
Austin and Austin Part 4
Wow, I'm on time with uploading this week, something is UP. So now Porter's intentions are unraveling, but does Hyatt accept?
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
As they press play, Porter slowly rubs Hyatt's small belly, glad that his plan was working.
    In the two weeks that Hyatt had been staying at Porter's house, his waistline grew drastically. It started with an extra cinnamon roll here, a few scrambled eggs there, then it escalated. Two or three slices of cake after dinner, each with a scoop of ice cream. Each of those scoops drenched in syrup and whipped cream, and sprinkles. But it wasn't until Hyatt stood in front of Mr. Porter's, Austin Porter's dad, full length mirror.
    "Damn, my gut is huge!" Hyatt exclaims. "What are you talking about babe?" Porter asks sleepily under the covers of his parents bed, where they both had been sleeping for the past two weeks. "All that fancy food, and movie marathons, I must have gained at least 10 pounds!" Hyatt says, his voice stepping up a note with each word. "Well why don't we check? How much did you weigh when you came here two weeks ago?" Asks Porter, this time wide-eyed with enthusiasm. "I dunno, I think 135?" Answers Hyatt.
    "Here's the scale," Porter said, laying it down in front of Hyatt. "Just step your foot on and wait for the screen to show '0.0', then you step on." Hyatt does exactly what Porter asks. "Damn!" Hyatt says. "What?" Porter asks. "I can't see over my gut!" Hyatt replies. "Well let me check then." Offers Porter. He read the scale. "160 pounds." Porter reads. "25 pounds? No way! My gut doesn't look that huge!" worries Hyatt. "Well, to be honest, I don't think all that went to your stomach. I think, sitting on your ass for days on end, that your delicious looking booty shared the spoils. I mean, your butt was KEY-YUTE when you arrived, but now, it looks softer, and rounder, and more delicious, if that's possible." Hyatt blushed at the same time as Porter.
    Hyatt always noticed when Porter brushed against his arse 'accidentally', when Porter didn't think he would. But maybe he was right, it DID look rounder, and larger, than when he arrived. "Want some breakfast, bae?" asks Porter from the kitchen, not so far off from the bedroom, "Sure Aus, what are we having?"
    French toast, that was breakfast, and scrambled eggs, and waffles, and pancakes, and, the best part, cinnamon rolls. Hyatt always loved Porter's cinnamon rolls. Always so gooey and fresh, made from scratch. And don't even get started on the icings each one had. Hyatt didn't want all Porter's hard work to go to waste and he starts eating some of everything. A scoop of eggs, a slice of French toast, a pancake, a waffle, but Hyatt loaded his plate with the rolls. The delectable, sweet, savory rolls, that were very common at breakfast time.
    Each roll had a different icing, each icing its own flavor and color. A bright red one meant cherry icing, yellow meant lemon, green meant apple, purple was plum, pink was strawberry, and blue was blueberry. The most delicious looking one however, was the largest one, with a load of orange flavored and colored icing. Hyatt decided on that for last.
    He starts eating and after a while, his pants get tight, not for the first time, either. But Hyatt ignored it. He was done with his plate and was about to grab some more pancakes when he heard the BANG. His pants button flew around the kitchen/dining room area, of the floor, off the fridge, off the trash, off the oven, off the light, into the sink, where it tried to roll down the drain. "Dammit! Those were my favorite jeans!" Porter had witnessed the whole scene, washing dishes at the time of the pop, so he made a mental note to go to Kmart later that afternoon. "Don't worry babe, they're just jeans, we can get you new ones, now finish your breakfast so I can clean and get started on lunch!" Hyatt looked up from his lap, at Porter, and said, "Okay."
    Hyatt had finished just about everything, except for that orange-iced roll. God it looked amazing, almost too perfect to eat, almost. Hyatt slid the platter his way, posing his fork, and started to dig in, well, finally breakfast caught up with him. "Oof, I'm stuffed." That was all  Hyatt had to say for Porter to come over and start rubbing his belly. Hyatt actually liked it, it eased up the pressure on his stomach, and the smell of what was sure to be a stupendous lunch added to his appetite.
    Finally, Hyatt finished the last roll,and waddles to the couch. He turned on ION television, and being Sunday, that meant Leverage marathon time. As he watches Nate and Sophie take down business CEO's corporations, he absentmindedly rubs his distended belly. It was larger than ever, and Hyatt didn't even feel like throwing up, like that first night. During a commercial break, Porter stated, "Lunchtime! Is my man ready for the second most important meal of the day?" As Hyatt struggles to get up, pinned down under his stomach, still full from breakfast, Porter walks in balancing a tray on his left hand and patting Hyatt's belly with his right hand. "Here is your lunch babe, I brought it to you today because you look pretty preoccupied with that spare tire." Hyatt thanked him for the meal and Porter slipped into the kitchen, tightening his belt. His pants were becoming looser with each passing day, slowly at first, then day by day as he started eating less and less so Hyatt could have more, Porter was losing his potbelly. Almost sad to see it go, he made himself a sandwich and a glass of milk. The more food for Hyatt, the more of him I can love.
Austin and Austin Part 3
So, soon has come and passed and I think I feel some inspiration for A&A Part 4! See you soon!
So, I has been well over a month, is it? And I still haven't posted part 3, mostly because I like to think it is playing hide-and-seek in my brain. I keep spotting it, but then I want to rewrite it. As for my schedule, my major scouting events are over, like camp, and high adventure, and school starts up in FOUR days, only FOUR, I am so excited.
ATM List:
Reading: Insurgent
Fav. Song: Fancy
Fav. Game: Minecraft
Fav. TV Show: Leverage, and Total Drama(Island, Action, World Tour, and Revenge of the Island)

So now I will start doing at least 2 posts a month for the duration of the Austin-Austin story, then I will think about some other pairings. Spoiler Alert: Austin Porter from Austin-Austin is a recurring Feeder. This whole shebang will be Austin-Someone. In fact, I have a small list of people who will star in the ordeal:
Austin(Hyatt, from the current story)

In short, Austin will be feeding a total of six people. After that, I might start taking requests, but, let's just see what the future has in store for us.


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